Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday Favorites!

It's been a hot minute since I have participated in some Friday FAVES! Let's all soak in the fact that IT IS FRIDAY! We made it to the weekend! The boys have a busy weekend with games and birthday parties and a camp out....! Here we go:


We had pictures with the fabulous Amber Byrd this week-- and she really is fabulous.  She posted a sneak peek on facebook:

Okay.  So I am going to be obnoxious and vain and self-centered and narcissistic.  When I first saw the pic, it took my breath away-- not at how sweet my boys are on me (like a "normal" person would), but instead of how fat my face looks.  I was embarrassed and wanted to cry and immediately untag myself from the picture on facebook-- so lame, I know.  How SELF CENTERED am I?!?!?! It just started my day off feeling....ugh..and unhappy.  Thankfully, I have some amazing friends who, upon hearing me lament about the size of my face, pointed out how HAPPY we all look. 

light bulb

Look at how HAPPY we look! Those boys do not care one ounce about the size of my face! My face looks big because I am grinning ear to ear and squeezing the two most important people in my life- and I wouldn't trade that big ass smile for a skinnier looking face- ever.  

Then I pulled out my wallet later on and this card popped up-- I keep it in there and look at it daily.  But on this day, it felt like it jumped out at me-- Molly is telling me to quit bitching and instead start soaking up their love. Get over yourself!  Got it, cuz.  Loud and clear!

All of this to day-- the above picture of me and Cal and Andy is my TOP favorite of the week.  Although I might not love the way I look in it, it isn't about ME (hello, duh), it is about the kiddos with me-- who made me ME. 

Thank you to my sweet friends who talked some sense into me-- but who also let me vent and feel fat and stupid and accepted my self-centered-ness and who don't love me any less because of it.  How did I get so lucky to have these people in my life to keep me grounded?

 The Roomba
Okay, so I have a tendency to use hyperbole in my writing (and speaking, but whatev...).  This is NOT exaggerating, at all.  This little machine is LIFE CHANGING.  Hands down, the best, most used, most wonderful thing we own.  I am not even kidding. 
Let me back up....
We have two dogs (duh) and they shed.  A lot.  The hair drove us (Eddie) crazy in the old house, but it was pretty manageable, somehow.  In the new house, for whatever reason, it was like we had 60 dogs in our house (enter hyperbole).  The hair was EVERYWHERE.  It got to the point where we were swiffering three times a day.  And that is cuh-razy.  I would do it, I would have one of the boys do it in the afternoon and then I would do it at night again.  Tell me that is not in sane. It is.  And we were vacuuming too. 

Enter my girl Sally.  Sally has a roomba and was telling me how amazing this vacuun robot is... she said she sets a schedule and it just goes every morning after they leave the house so she would come home to a hair free house.  Seriously?!?

I decided to ask for one for my birthday-- it was either that or shave the dogs...or get rid of Eddie....which didn't seem very Christian like.  So we got the roomba!

It's amazing.  We have not used the swiffer since we got it.  The tumbleweeds are gone.  The massive tufts of hair are gone.  It doesn't just get the dog hair-- it will get all the crumbs from the breakfast too.  It's amazing. 

I keep it primarily downstairs, but the other day, I put it upstairs and you have this nifty little device you put at the top of the stairs and it won't cross it (brilliant!).  I came home and my floors were all spotless upstairs! The carpets had neat little patterns in them and everything!

Have I mentioned it's amazing?? If you were ever on the fence about it, I would get a coupon and get one.  Holy amazing. 


 Awful picture-- but I love my new living room... it is a favorite of mine for sure.  I love sitting in here-- it makes me happy! I bought a new piece of art from a friend of mine and I REALLY love that.  I haven't hung it yet (looking for two pieces to go on either side of it, but this is it:

You can see more of her art work via instagram-- her name is katieportfieldart.  I love this piece and will post a picture once it is hanging in its new home!


A favorite this week is having lunch with my buddy.  We had a rough morning the other day.  I yelled. A lot. And when I dropped him off, I had a pit in my stomach.  He didn't deserve my yelling-- he never does.  So I surprised him at lunch and his smile is a favorite of mine-- his whole face lit up when I walked into the cafeteria, and let's be honest, it won't be doing that for much longer... so this picture right here, in all my sweaty, nasty glory, is a favorite of mine this week!

 A hint to Andy's Halloween costume this year.... you may remember his costume from last year... are you picking up on a theme?! His costume came and he truly freaked out when we opened it.  He started this crazy weird giggle and then was jumping up and down.  Cal, on the other hand, can not decide what he wants to be for Halloween.  I might take him to Wal-mart and have him just pick something. 

And a bonus favorite... these two.... they make me so happy....and so mad....all at the same time....

Happy weekend, people!