Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Life Lately!

I am way over due for a life lately post! This one will have way too many pictures, I am sure.  Before Champs, I got the bright idea to cut out a few massive sharks.  I tried to free hand it and it was not happening.  So I borrowed the overhead projector from school and cut out one.  My little sharks thought it was awesome. 

 Bruce continues to be a good, good pup.  I love him sooooo much!

 Last week, the boys went to UNC baseball camp.  Cal went last year and loved it and this year both boys got to go! It was H-O-T hot hot hot, but they have such a great time, the heat didn't seem to bother them at all.  Go figure.  I think I would probably melt. 
 "come on, Andy, follow me...." love these brothers.
 The end of day one, they were so so sweaty, smelly and happy.  And that's a great sight to see!
 Lee was there, which was an added bonus!

 They had to stop and watch the big boys have batting practice on our way out. 

Shosh had a birthday last week, so we had to send a pic from the boys wishing her a happy day!!!
 We had her over for dinner so we had to decorate a bit for her!
 Andy dressed up for the occasion. 
 The birthday girl!
 I ran over to the outlets last week and had sooooo much luck.  I might do one whole post dedicated to outlet shopping.  I have been eyeing this dress forever and it was marked down to $35, so it came home with me.  Fully lined with pockets-- I am a huge fan! We leave on Friday for our trip, and you can bet this will be worn there!

We made a trip to the library and I got Cal a Hardy Boys book... hoping that it will spark his interest.  We have not been very good about reading this summer.  At all.  
 The boys did that camp at the beach a few weeks ago and they posted pictures to their website.  Loved spotting these cuties having fun there. 

We did another driving range date this past Friday night.  It was stupid hot out there, but we still had a great time.  The boys are starting to be more consistent with their hits, so they are enjoying it more.  

 Our buddies were all back in town and the fun that ensued was loud and happy and perfect!

I got this text after a fun class I taught last week.... made my day!!!
 Low key dinner Saturday night: basically perfection.  Love it when a plan is thrown together and is perfect like this. 
 Cal was playing x-box and I went in to check on him and found Bruce just chilling in his crate.  He loves it in there still!
 Three sharks playing in the pool!!!

 So there's life lately!!!


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Antawn Jamison basketball camp

The week before Champs, the boys did not have any plans- they were going to tag along with me and run errands and do whatever needed to be done to prep for the big meet.  Well, the week before, when they got the invite to join a good buddy at a basketball camp and UNC, they jumped all over it!!!

 Monday morning, we met up at the Dean Dome for basketball camp!
 Back in high school, my favorite basketball player was Antawn Jamison-- he was always smiling and looked like he had fun out on the court.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't fan girl-ing out just a bit when we saw him.  I totally kept it together though...right, Amy?!

The boys played HARD from 8:45-4.  It was a FULL day of drills and running and SO much fun. 
 At the end of Monday, Eric said the kids were exhausted and would sleep so hard that night.  He said they might even fall asleep on the way home.  Not the Williamsons! They chatted the whole way home and then played baseball in the yard-- and it was a mild 200 degrees out. 

The next day I dropped them off and the boys ran down to get in their spots.  Ready for the second day of fun.  

We went to the end to watch and loved seeing them take this group picture.  Can you spot Cal and Andy?

They sent the kids home with these pictures with Antawn and I was CRACKING up....

 And then they got in a line to get stuff autographed by him.  Nothing but love!
 Okay so remember above when I said I restrained my fan-girl-ness? Well, Eric and Amy appreciated my restraint so much that they encouraged me to take a picture with him.  I resisted for about 4 seconds and then LET them push me into the picture.........(HAHAHAHAHAHAHA).  Please look at my stupid grin in the picture.  I was stupid happy and giddy.  This might be our Christmas card picture.  I doubt Eddie would mind.  I mean, look how happy we all are!!!
 It was a fun, fun two days filled with basketball drills and fun fun fun!

I love living in this town.  Have I mentioned that??


Sunday, July 23, 2017

LAST swim team post! (maybe)

Summer Swim League is OVER! We had a fantastic season that wrapped up this past weekend at Champs (the championship swim meet).  We were the host team, and let me tell you, it was a LOT of work! 8 teams of over 100 swimmers each-- and it went flawlessly.  Shockingly enough. 

The end of the season was pretty much all-consuming.  I am NOT complaining about it at all because I actually had a lot of fun with all of the activities and the people who are participating in everything are all really fun-- helps make mundane things even more fun.  And so- here is my last post about swim team (for a while, I hope! ha!)

There were three sessions for champs: Friday night, Saturday morning, and Saturday afternoon.  I was a total over poster on instagram- not even sorry.  Friday morning, I loaded up the car with a bunch of the donations I had collected to stock the hospitality suite.  Packed up!

We went to morning practice where I parked next to another parent rep, who also happened to have her car loaded to the gills. 
After practice, we headed to Koury Natatorium to get things set up.  We had some helpers, getting drinks iced:
And Cal and Andy were MORE than happy to help put in the lane lines.  This is where UNC swims, so it was pretty special for the kids to get to do this. 
The rest of Friday is a blur.  We got set up, ran home to shower and get more stuff, and then came back again to get it all set up and ready.  This was the hospitality room, and people were constantly streaming through here....usually it was completely full. 
Your hospitality girls! Don't we look like we've got this under control?!

There might have been some wine in that cup.  If we are working our rumps off on a Friday night, wine is allowed. 

I got home Friday night and was exhausted from running around like a little tornado all day.  I got the boys' bags and suits ready to go-- the alarm was going off Saturday morning at 5!
We got there nice and early and worked like crazy getting the room set up.  I pretty much handed the boys their stuff and ran into the room to begin serving breakfast. 
Andy came back to check on me-- zero nerves from this kid!
Hospitality: session two!
This meet called for all hands on deck (literally).  All the dads stepped up and volunteered too-- and we were so so grateful!
The meet started and right off the bat was Andy's free relay.  Funny story: Andy was the second leg of the relay... he got up on the block and his coach pulled his goggles on right as the first leg dove in.  The goggles broke in half.  One of the parent chaperones freaked out and grabbed the goggles off of the kid behind Andy (swimming leg 4) and threw them on Andy, just as the first leg touched the wall.  Andy dove in and swam his little heart out.  Thankfully, swimmer 4 had another pair of goggles easily accessible.  I was over on the side screaming like crazy.  It was terrifying and exhilarating and omg. 
His relay team won first place-- in the whole city, this team won it all! Pretty amazing seeing as Cal's relay team won it last year.  Totally made it special. 
And, not to sound like a crazy mom, but I am going to.  Going into this meet, Andy's fastest time was something like 31 seconds.  He swam 25 free in this meet at something like 29 seconds.  I timed his leg of this relay: 21 seconds.  Seriously.  Where was that speed all summer long, Nug?!?! Still- so proud of him. 

I was able to pop out of the hospitality room each time my boys were to swim; thankfully there were chaperones who were SO sweet to make sure I knew it was time each time.  I caught this cutie in clerk, ready to swim free.

And then these two, side by side....
 Look at this one my friend got from the stands of these two!!!!

Next up was backstroke-- I can't even believe someone got this picture of Cal, just before he took off!!

Andy swam breast stroke and did so great! He wasn't the actual heat winner, but the heat winner was supposed to be in another heat, so Andy got a ribbon too (thanks to his chaperone!).  He was thrilled!

After morning session, we had to do a massive switch up in the hospitality suite and my kids were hanging around.  Caught Nug up on Coach Ted's shoulders. 
Love this one:

Once again, the dads were the BEST!

Right as the third and final session was starting: we got this....maybe?!?!?!

 This coach came in and PASSED out in the room.  Obvs I had to take a picture of him.  Right before I shrieked as loudly as I could.  Just because.  We were there for a million hours and I needed some entertainment.  He jumped a mile and drool poured out of his mouth.  It was worth it. 

Going in to the final session, we were down by 300 points.  Here is the final score: pretty daggon amazing.  And the farm always wins it.  Usually by a lot.  The fact that we were that close to them is ridiculously amazing.  

We cleaned up and went home and showered and that night, a bunch of parents went out to celebrate pulling off the meet.  
 Your parent reps!!!!

 Sunday was the banquet! It was so much fun and I love celebrating the end of the season this way. 

Each parent rep received an award-- I kind of love mine.  

 And the trophy says "the heart of the shark".  Of course I love this.  And of course it's a cheerleader. 

The six and under crew up receiving their trophies.  
 Sweet Coach Julia.

Momma Shark and her sweet swimmers.  I am SO proud of them this season.  They weren't the fastest; they didn't win the most ribbons.  But good gracious, they swam hard and had so much fun in the process.