Thursday, January 5, 2017

December Book Report

Oh I read some good ones this month!!! Actually, I listened to a bunch this month- haha! Super excited to share these...y'all let me know if you've read them too.

Obvi I love Elin Hilderbrand....We've discussed this a bunch on here.  I decided to read her Christmas trilogy this month and I am so glad I did! I looooooved these three books! Can't recommend them enough.  And I loved reading them over the month of December-- totally got me in the holiday spirit.  But you could read them any time of the year.  There are lots of loose ends as one book ends, so you really want to keep reading the next one to find out what happens to the characters.  Such great reads!

Winter Street 

Winter Stroll

 Winter Storm 

Oh buddy, I thought I was going to love this one.  It is looooong-- 550 pages of long.  I loved another book by this same author, so I was hopeful in this one.  In the first 100 pages, something HUGE happens and I was totally sucked in.  Then it doesn't come back to that level of excitement again... it drags on a little, but it is still a good read.  

American Wife 

This book....ohhhhhhh myyyyyy,,,,,
It Ends With Us

This book....ohhhhhhh myyyyy.... so another blogger recommended this one and swore it was one of the best books she has read this year.  I agree.  It is gooooood.  And she said it sticks with you long after you're done reading it, and I also agree with that. It is a must read, in my opinion! Fast paced and couldn't put it down.  There are some sexy scenes, so be warned- haha.  SUCH a great read. 
It Ends With Us