Monday, June 5, 2017

Swim Team!

Yes, I have been wayyyy MIA! It is mainly because of SWIM TEAM! I can't blame it solely on that, but it is a big part of it-- we have practices every afternoon and meets have started too.  Thankfully, we love swim team and have a great time doing it.  It is such great exercise for the boys and it does wonders for their energy! haha

Our afternoons are filled with practices and fun with friends. 
 We had a mock meet this past Wednesday night-- I am one of the parent reps this year... quite an undertaking of a job...! It has been fun though. 

This season will not be a "ribbon" season for the Williamson crew... Cal moved up an age group to the 7-8s, and Andy is doing great, but in an age group with a lot of super fast swimmers! I love watching them swim, and I am excited to see them improve throughout the season.  
 The best part is they both truly love it.  They have a blast at practices and at meets. 
 It helps they have so many buddies on the team-- it's like one big party each day!

 These four swam in a relay together and did great! First place!
 Bless Andy's heart-- the poop struggle is still with us (shocking, I know), and he had to go so bad at the mock meet.  When he smiles like this (below), it's a tell tale sign he's struggling.  Ugh.  This was right before the relay, but thankfully didn't slow him down too much. 
 As you can see:

 I love these two little sharks! I swear, I about pop with pride watching them swim.  They aren't the fastest. They don't have the best stroke.  But they are loving it-- and they are happy-- and they are having a blast.  And really, that's what this junk is all about, right??

Saturday morning we had a meet and we had to be there at 7:30-- it was early, but these boys were ready! 
 I glanced down at Andy's leg and saw he wrote "Andy loves mommy" on his thigh.  My heart skipped a little bit.  Totally unprompted.  I pray he keeps loving his momma. 

 These two cuties are sweet buddies.  Cal had a birthday party sleep over so we asked Charlie if he might want to spend the night at our house-- it was their first sleep over and it was awesome! More on that later-- this picture was taken right after we asked them if they wanted to. 

 A friend of mine took these next ones with his good camera (which totally makes me want to get out my good camera to get shots like these).  Check out that form!
 Love his look of determination!

We have had one mock meet and we won our first meet! Our second meet is this week, against a really great team- hoping for nice weather and smooth strokes!!!

happy summer! (no, school isn't out yet....)