Friday, June 17, 2016

Swim meet-ing!

We had another swim meet Wednesday night and we managed to bring home another WIN! Both boys swam great and I think they both earned best times in this meet. 
Andy even managed to win his heat:
Let me tell you what a big deal this was...! I was a screaming FOOL. I considered attaching the video of him swimming, but I really do think my screaming would scare you off. Or make you deaf. 

Cal was right there watching Andy swim and he was cheering too- love this picture my mom got of the boys together right after Andy got out. 
Cal had a lot of fun at the meet and swam great- I love watching him swim. He's gotten so much better and his strokes are getting pretty- not so much slaughtering the water..
Cal's relay won first place (in event as well as heat) despite missing one of their key swimmers. We will be ready to have him back for the next meet though!

Super annoying geeky mom over here- just proud of these boys!