Monday, April 25, 2016

Weekend Update

This weekend feels like it flew by! I was really bad about taking pictures, which is so not like me...!

Friday, I had big plans to go to popup and then play tennis-- but, a teacher at my school had a family emergency and needed me to sub. It was DADS and DUDES day and the school and *someone* was super excited... I am not naming names... but it was both of these guys:

 I will share more pictures from that in a later post-- that was a big perk of being there; I got to take a bunch of behind the scene pics and send to my friends.

Friday night, we went to the club and met some friends for dinner. It was a low key night for us and we all went home fairly early.  Everyone was tired, I think.  It was still fun-- I love our friends.  (no pictures taken...!)

Saturday morning, Eddie had something super early, so it was me and the bozos.  I was teaching popup at 9, so we were out of the house by 8:10- with a whole lot of STUFF.  Andy had a soccer game at 10, so sweet Meredith and her crew picked him up and got him to the game on time.  After class, Cal and I cleaned up (thankful for Katherine, who also helped, big time!) and we got to Andy's game just in time to hear someone yell, "great goal, Andy!" He played really hard and it was really fun to watch him.  He scored a few more goals, but the best part was watching him dribble the ball-- it's starting to click for him! I remember watching Cal play when I realized it clicked-- it just makes it more fun to watch.

After Andy's game, we headed to Cal's game at 11:30, whew! Eddie met us there after he was done with his meeting.  Here's the thing: Cal's team is good.  Like, really good.  These kids have all been playing together for two seasons and they play well together (while having fun!).  The team they played on Saturday was....young.  There is a chance they have never kicked a ball before.... I think this was their first game.  And they had only had maybe one practice.  It was kind of painful.  Rules started being added: you have to pass 5 times before you can shoot, you have to pass to the goalie twice before you can pass to anyone else, etc etc.... pretty sure the parents on the other team were ready to end it at half time.  Our kids still had fun though, so that's good!

We headed home after the game. Everyone was talking about the UNC lacrosse game that was going on Saturday afternoon (starting at noon), and the boys were determined to go to it.  Eddie left straight from soccer to go play golf, and I knew the dogs had been in since 8:00.  We let them out and did a few random chores and then decided to go to the game.  It took us forever to park and we got there in the 4th quarter (but at least we got there, am I right?!). 

 It was SUNNY and hot, but such a beautiful day! When we walked in, UNC was down by 5-- and they ended up winning by 2! It was so exciting-- and this kid has decided he's obsessed:

Sitting right next to us was this guy-- Nate Britt, who plays basketball for Carolina.  I couldn't get a good look at him without staring, but after 3 different groups walked over to ask for a picture, I took a selfie with him in the background and asked Sally who he was-- she knew immediately! Cal started starting and once I told him who it was, the boys wanted a picture with him-- he was soooo sweet.  

We left at the end of the game (we were there like 30 minutes...!) and the boys wanted to play lacrosse in the driveway-- add that to some of the yard "art" we have going on currently.  

Saturday night, we had plans to go to a party-- but then the hostess got pneumonia and had to cancel last minute... but we already had a sitter, so we decided to go out on a date anyway!

I got a new curling wand and wanted to try it-- it was MUCH harder than I thought it would be...and I am not sure I liked the final results... maybe I need more practice...

 I took front and back pictures- haha
 I woke up Sunday morning and was impressed that the curls were still there-- I thought for sure they would be gone.  They actually lasted the entire day... crazy. 

 We had to run to the grocery store on Saturday to get some food for the sitter to feed the boys for dinner and Andy grabbed a big bag of cuties (the small oranges) and begged me to get them-- it didn't take a whole lot of begging, obviously. 

Well, he woke up Sunday morning and ate one immediately. And then he asked for another.  And then another.  By 9am, he had had 4.  You'd think he would be a pooping machine, right? I wish.  ugh. 

The boys spent the entire day outside Sunday.  It was one of those beautiful days where the sky is the brightest blue and the temperature was not too hot and not too cold.  Heaven.  HEAVEN.  I love living here.  

I realized I hadn't taken any pictures and then I went to take one of the boys in the driveway and I heard them in the back yard-- it was an INTENSE game of football! I took this picture through the screen.  And it turned out fantastic....hahaha

These two played lacrosse, baseball, football, basketball, bike races and everything else in between.  My driveway was COVERED for the whole day.  And I loved it!
 I have said it before and I will say it again- I am so glad they have each other.  They fight like crazy, but they are so so close.  And they have SO much fun together!

We decided to take one more walk/bike ride.  I love the bright blue skies...and the little people riding along :)

That's a look at our weekend-- nothing really special, but I'll take it! Eddie left to go out of town for a few days so I spent some time cooking Sunday night to have dinners ready to go.  Cal begged for meatloaf since daddy was going to be gone-- deal! yummmmmm!

Hope y'all had a great weekend! Bring on the week!