Friday, January 20, 2017

Holiday Fun

I got super behind in all the blogging in December- sharing a few of the fun things we did, because if I don't blog it, did it really happen? That is a total joke.  But this is where I keep everything and I don't want to forget anything!

So, every year we go to the Carolina Inn with a bunch of couples and have a really fun time! Here was that night:

 We met at a neighbor's house and ubered there with them. 
 There is a mirror in the bathroom at the Carolina Inn that is just fantastic-- pretty sure everyone there took a selfie in it.  My mom wanted to see my full dress, so I used the mirror because I love it- hahahaha I was not the only one....hang on.....there will be more to come with this mirror.....
 fun with some of my faves (still in the bathroom).....
 Oh, hello, mirror posing again......
 My sweet brother! Any time we are out, my parents love to get a picture of us together-- so I got plenty..... just wait....

 My sweet Gigi!!!
 Love my Sall Sall!

 Smoking hot date!

 All of the girls... SO SO many!!!

And.... New Year's Eve Party!

Love Feast at Church: my most most favorite night of the season. 

That Sunday morning, the boys sang in church...

 Ready to roll!
 Cuties up there!

We had dinner that night at my mom's house-- it is my favorite favorite dinner of the year! Andy held court throughout the meal...

Church service started at 7-- these two were pumped to see each other before it started.
 These two were super content to color in church. 
 It was super sweet to watch Cal read the words off the bulletin and sing out loud. 
 My sweet pew mate. 
 They passed out coffee-- Cal leaned over and said "does this have hyper in it??" (it was caffeine free, btw).....

 Candles were passed out-- Eddie was a nervous wreck with the boys holding candles-- they got this!

And we ended the night with a walk to the car-- Andy loves him some Tommy!!!