Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Life Lately

Did a big fat post and then my computer shut down and the post disappeared and isn't saved (even though it should be) and I am totally annoyed and don't have time to write out a full separate post.  So here are pictures of life lately.... (and also, grrrr)

Hank continues to be the best dog ever.  Ever.  

Can you even believe it?
 Boys have UNC soccer camp this week and they have been loving it.  Andy is thrilled he gets to join in since he was too young last year.
 Just trying to pee.  Andy needed me to fix his iPad and Bruce wanted to see what was going on.  I live SUCH a glamorous life.

Looked in rear view mirror and about drove off the road-- saw this in the back and took a pic when we stopped. Too funny.... 
 Hank was awake, but didn't move until Andy woke up since Andy's head was on his paw.

Day two of soccer camp- love the little back pack they wear. 
 End of day two-- hot and sweaty (and happy!) boys!

I thought they would want AC-- instead they sat on the garage steps and chatted. 

They begged for new goggles... and were super excited when I got them--

 Bring on the next meet!

Making progress over here! That is a completely empty closet! (we don't have many empty closets, but there's that one... and I walk by it and smile often- hahahaha)

 Sorry for lame and short post... off to tackle another closet before the swim meet tonight! GO SHARKS!