Monday, April 4, 2016

Mexico: part one

Hola! We just got back from a wonderful, fun-filled week in Mexico and I took sooooo many pictures... #shocking.  There is no way to fit everything in one post, so I am breaking it up.

We flew out on Easter Sunday, suuuuuper early.  My alarm went off at 3am.  I tip-toed into the bathroom because, obviously, Andy was on the floor next to the bed.  When I got out of the shower, I could hear voices-- Andy was up and was CHATTY.  He was talking a mile a minute: I like Mexico, do you like Mexico? I can't wait to fly, do you know this isn't my first time on an airplane? Airplanes aren't scary, they are super fun, do you think it will be sunny in Mexico?

....and on and on and on and on and on..... all the way to the airport and on to the first flight.  Not even kidding.

Here we are going through security... Cal wasn't quite as bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Ready to hop on board!

 On the first flight, ready to roll! Eddie got a single seat for the first flight #luckyduck

We had a layover in Atlanta where we found some breakfast and the boys discovered their sunglasses.  

Think they were excited to get there?

Heading on the second flight-- thankfully, it wasn't a crowded flight so we could spread out.  Cal did this for most of the flight:

Andy's early morning excitement was still going, but his eye lids were getting heavy.  

 Soon they were both snoozing...

We landed and in customs, we met our friends the Gonsos, who we have traveled with before! The kids all met in Aruba exactly one year before and they were super excited to see each other again.  And they all picked up right where they left off.

We landed in Mexico around noon, so we were out at the pool quickly, with drinks in hand.   These two are both in kindergarten and are about 2 months apart in age and got along SOOOO well!
 Before we knew it, the boys were playing well together in the pool!
 Also picking up where we left off? Me and this sweet friend! I just adore her and we had the best time sister-wifing it together.  It truly takes a village when on vacation and we were all about tag teaming with the kiddos.  And she makes me laugh really hard.  That helps.  And she drinks with me.  Like a champ. 

Sunglasses by the pool! Thank goodness I bought these things before the trip-- they were worn often.  

Andy and A also hit it off, big time.  They were like two peas in a pod together.  And we may or may not have planned their wedding.  Arranged marriages are in, right? 

Eddie went over to the swim up bar and Andy decided to join him.  Because, why not? 

Cal and I pulled up a seat too-- 
 We were having a big time on our first day!

We had dinner that night out on the lawn with the rest of the group.  My sunglassed boys all ready to go!

 I had had a big time (wink wink) at the pool that day, and I was hurting a little bit at dinner... but we got pictures so that counts. 

Beautiful setting- felt so good out!

Andy and his lady friend, A. Love his face in this one!

The Gonsos attempted a family picture, and Andy went ahead and decided he was close enough to marriage to join in.  I couldn't stop laughing at this picture-- he looks so happy to be part of their crew! hahahaha!

That night, both boys passed out in my bed (Eddie fell asleep on the couch) and I waited up for two roll away beds to be delivered.  This is a sign of two worn out little boys--

The first night was pretty beautiful, if you ask me! 

The next morning, we ordered room service to the room, which we did every morning (this was an all-inclusive place and room service was included too!), and we all ate a yummy breakfast before heading out for the day. 

Ready to hit the pool!
 We had to sunscreen up and when we were done, I thought they were so funny in the bathroom so we took a quick selfie:

All the kiddos at the pool, ready for they day!

And the moms, prepping for the day-- with mimosas!
 This day was kind of a crazy mess that we had to just keep laughing about-- this damn iguana... was up in the tree above our chairs and proceeded to pee/poop (a LOT) all over our things... we thought it was a bird...until the poop fell.  Let's just say, ohMYGOD.  Then it came down the tree and wanted to get some water. We were all amazed at this creature, until the worker came over and warned us that he wasn't friendly at all and to keep the kids away.... uhhhh......

Then B wasn't feeling great, so he had to go up to the room for a bit.  The big boys played in a game of kickball, which was so fun to watch!

After, my biggest boy came over fro a picture.  Love those blue skies!
 The rest of the day was spent much the same- swimming, drinking, laughing and playing!

My friend Julie was texting me pictures of her making this face, so I replied-- the only reason I post it on the blog is because of the gorgeous sky-- it was so bright blue the whole week (minus one semi-cloudy day).  

Love this one of the boys playing together.  For the most part, they got along well... a few little fight here and there...and few punches, but you know...basically it was pretty good! ha

Eddie got in the water and was flipping the boys-- primarily Andy, who, out of nowhere, became a totally fearless kid. He was all about doing the activities, without a care in the world...huh?!?! Eddie had him doing huge back flips into the pool.  The last day, he did a front flip and Eddie told him to tuck into a ball and he did almost a double-- and face planted hard.  oooooops!
 The kids were getting toasty and we were worried about the sun, so we put them kids club- we actually had plans of putting them in kids club daily, but it didn't happen.  They had this little train thing that went all through the resort and all four of the big kids crammed in the back to be together.  We made Mike take the picture so the kids wouldn't see us.  Sneaky. 

 We headed out that night to a yummy Mexican restaurant.  These two looked so handsome all dressed up... they really only wear athletic clothes at home and I have to pull teeth to get them to wear anything other than shorts and t-shirts, so I was soaking up them dressed in nice button down shirts with belts (!!). 
 I got Andy the cutest belt ever-- I'll be sharing this week, hopefully...
He was ready to go see A in this pic... little stud.  

These two goofballs at dinner...

Mr. Mike had a suite with a huge Jacuzzi on his roof.  It was crazy! He had us all up after dinner so the kids could swim-- and they were loving it! Super hard to get pictures of them, but they were all laughing/screaming in there. 

We went to bed that night and prayed for more super fun and exciting days in Mexico!

 So there's a look at the first few days! Holy cow, lots of pictures right?! I'll try to narrow more down for tomorrow.....maybe.