Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Life Lately: short and sweet

A quick little post for today-- there's not much to report about here-- same old, same old! School, play, homework, weekend games, repeat!

Cal has basketball practice on Thursdays-- Andy gets sucked into going along more times than he would like:

 Hey, Cal: when in the world did you get so big?!
I got my hair cut last week and took close to 4 inches off.  Eddie didn't notice- hahaha when I told him how much was cut, he replied "well it must have been reallllly long, because it doesn't look any different to me!" Men! hahahaha It FELT different to me-- and truth be told, it probably didn't look that different when it was curled.  I straightened it this week and several people asked me if I cut it- go figure. 

So this post was on instagram the other day (I need to get back to the instafunnies.... those posts made me laugh)--- 

and then my timehop popped up about 20 minutes later: 
 TOO funny!

Speaking of Bruce-- he does NOT like it when carpool pulls away in the morning.  Eddie says when I leave in the morning he sits at the window crying nonstop.  Kinda breaks my heart a little!
 Speaking of Bruce, he about got his head stuck in the stairs while I was rubbing him.  Love that scrunchy face.

Eddie was able to take Cal to basketball last week, so Nug and I had a date to Jersey Mikes while they were gone.  I am going to be real honest with you: the people that work at the Jersey Mikes are some of THE nicest people you will ever meet.  I mean that.  I have yet to go in there and not be greeted warmly by the most genuine people.  If you are local, do yourself a favor and take your kids in there.  My boys LOVE going because the subs are amaze (duh), but also because the people working there actually talk to them...and are sweet to them.   And can you even BELIEVE I am not being paid to say this?

 Bruce went to pickup this week, but we had to swing by my mom's house-- Henry HAD to say hello!
 I finally got around to framing some of these sweet pictures-- I blew them up to 8x10 and love the way they look!
Love them even more up on my wall!!!!

It's really too bad there are no boys in this neighborhood.  Monday after school, there were a TON of boys outside playing street football.  Makes me SO happy....

Nothing new going on around here!!! Not complaining :)