Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday FAVES

Here we go!!! Some random goodness for the week...

//1// K I N D E R GA R T E N  L O V E
Most of what Cal brings home from school is heading to the recycling bin pretty fast-- don't get me wrong, I love to see what he does at school, but there is no way I can keep it all...they bring a LOT of stuff home!

But this week, this came home:

I still threw it away.  But I did love it before I tossed it.  They are working on paragraph writing (holla, kindergarten...!) and they make a "thought map" before turning it into sentences.  Cal's paragraph after this map was funny, but what I really like the most is his drawing of me.  I am choosing to believe he gave me massive boobies and not a massive gut.  #eitherway I also love that he loves trees.  That is so random- but I guess they were talking about trees in school and he learned that they help him breath- hold up.  Cal now wants to plant trees errrrrwhere.  Nice work, kindergarten.  I am digging it.

//2// W O R L D  M A R K E T
I ran by World Market the other day to get a few last minute birthday presents for some friends (and truth be told, I needed to get them something on a Sunday morning and they opened at 10, so I went there).  I could have bought a TON of things in there! #ifihadamilliondollars I didn't realize all the cuteness they had-- and the jewelry! Oh, the jewelry! I am going to make a trip back there before our Spring Break vacation to get a few more fun pieces and maybe a cover up...or other stuff...

These earrings came home with me:
My finish looks a little different, but I love them!

These earrings were under $5 and are super cute too:

Their bracelets were awesome too- I didn't get this one, but I am thinking I might need to go back for it.  Love the clasp:
And it comes in other colors too.

I bought a really fun bracelet that isn't on the website. I will keep watching to see if I can find it.

I've always known they have great furniture and other finds at World Market-- all of their other stuff is just as great! I am sure I am late to this game though...

//3//: T H I S

I am hoping this is a close as I ever get to politics on this blog-- because this is funny.  I am terrified with this election.  Enough politics!

//4// T E A C H E R  O N E  T E A C H E R  T W O
The sweet comments about our crazy outfits for Dr. Suess's birthday this week were so kind and totally a favorite of mine this week.  We are total geeks, but being a geek makes this "job" even more fun.  And seeing our kiddos faces as they walked in and we were dressed like this totally makes being a nerd worth it!

//5// H A N K

 Andy woke up, came down the hall and curled up...on Hank.  I don't know if he thought Hank was his pillow or what... but he fell sound asleep on Hankers. 

 Bless their hearts. I love this dog with my whole heart.  And the boy too-- I love him too. 

//6// F I N A L  T H O U G H T:
Oh my word-- read this.  Read it again.  Send it to your mom friends who are trying hard to be a mom... I love this.

Short and sweet this week!