Friday, January 6, 2017

Post Christmas Beach Trip

The day after Christmas, we all loaded up and headed to the beach.  We love spending those days in between Christmas and New Years down there.  It is totally dead, nothing going on-- just relaxing and fun.
I had a full car with both boys, CB and Bruce.  Normally, Hank rides in between the boys in the back and Bruce rides with Eddie.  Doesn't Bruce look excited to have been moved up in the world?? haha- the way he's looking at me makes me smile.  
There was NO traffic getting to the beach and the boys were super happy riders.  We made it in well under 3 hours- which is unheard of. 

Tricia and Tommy arrived that night and Bruce and Tucker immediately fell back into a routine.  hahaha

Patty bought the boys wetsuits and they were super pumped to get in the water! (burrrrrr!)

 Ready to go ride their new boards!

 The waves were super rough and not ideal for surfing-- but they did ride them in many MANY times on their bellies and popped up to their knees a few times too.  The waves were just too short to get to standing up.  But no one seemed to mind!

This might be my favorite picture-- when did they get so big?

 The next day, we went back to the beach for more surfing....well, this time, we just brought the boogey boards because the waves were still not great for surfing.  The sun was shining and it was a BEAUTIFUL day! I played tennis with my mom that morning and had the best time ever-- totally put me in the best mood!


Bruce wanted to stay right by Andy while he was in the water-- this kid....he's a complainer.  He just is-- even when he is happy, he complains.  But home slice got in the freezing cold water and did not complain one time.  He was so SO happy out there!
 Bruce was really really happy too. 
 Bru running in alongside a kiddo...

Cal got cold so he came out for a bit.....

 Then they both took a break--  my three boys!
 Love them! And Eddie in the background and Bruce back there too!
 Little surfer boy...
 another little surfer boy...
 With the loaded down golf cart! hahaha

We decided to take out the paddle board next- it's a tradition to paddle the week after Christmas...and pray not to fall! All three of us did it- and zero falls happened!

  post-paddle....smiling because we were dry!

 I wrote before how Andy has been all about Tommy lately..... literally.....ALL about him. 

 Bruce got some great snuggles after all that beach running. 
 Have I mentioned Andy's love of Tommy??

We worked on some serious Lego projects while we were there.  How cute is this lighthouse?? 

We went shopping in Beaufort one afternoon and I got Bruce a new collar...! I think he loves it.  
 Eddie took the boys on a boat ride-- they were in heaven out there with him.

And just like that, it was time to come on home! A GREAT week at the beach!!!