Monday, February 27, 2017

BACK at it- ha, weekend update

Happy Monday!

I started to write this post in my head (do y'all ever do that?) yesterday, and I am soooo glad I waited to actually write it until today.  Yesterday morning, I was in a bad spot.  I was grumpy, tired, frustrated and over it all.  This weekend was busy-- and while busy is normally a really good thing, being this busy with a hurt back (plus the fact that I am not supposed to leave the couch...) made it rough.   But, the day turned around and I was a happy girl by the end.  Hang on and I'll get there.

So this was me the day I jacked my back up-- flat on the floor with an ice pack:

 While I might not have been happy, Bruce thought it was the greatest thing ever.  He couldn't get close enough. 
 I am currently upright, but the icing is still taking place.  I have been tucking the ice into my pants #classy. 
 Eddie left Friday morning at the crack of dawn for his trip-- but not before being loud enough to wake up both kiddos.... seriously.  Y'all, they were up and in my bed at 5.  I was NOT happy with him.  Love him, but come on: shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

 I had PT on Friday-- and got a little scolding.  Apparently, I am doing too much. Shocker.  She told me to enlist the boys' help a lot more.  Here is nug putting on my socks.  So helpful. 

Friday night, boys had a birthday party at the Chuck-- you know they were in heaven! I dropped them off and then went straight home to ice it up.  THANK YOU SALLY for bringing home the two live crew.  I took this picture because of my new necklace! Insert all the heart eyes here.... My friend made it-- I have mentioned ordering from her shop before, and I am hopeful she will reopen it soon! When she does, I will link it up here! I looooove my new necklace! (and holy cow, I look rough....yikes)

 PT's orders were to be flat on my stomach, no sitting, no bending-- short walks were okay.  Try telling that to these two Saturday morning, bright and early:

My AMAZING brother in law (the one who brought me liquor last weekend) came over Saturday morning and brought dunking donuts for these two...and took Bruce for the day! Bruce got to go have a play date with his cousin Tucker! He was flat out exhausted when he came home-- and wanted nothing but sleep.  Oh, and they bathed him.  Seriously, y'all, they are the best.

Andy was loving his donut:
 This was the extent of our relaxing.  We went to Andy's basketball game, left early to make it to Cal's basketball game (which we arrived 5 minutes early instead of the required 15, so Cal couldn't play first part of game) and then we left there and flew to baseball, which started at 11, and we pulled in at 11:30.  Boys are on a new team and I will write about it more later, but it will be....interesting. 
We left baseball and ran to a birthday party, which was already underway! Check out this wild bunch!

We got home from the party, and I got on the couch-- I pretty much over did it Saturday.
Boys went out in the hood to play when we got home and I had to go pick Andy up when it was dark out-- these two wanted to race me-- weirdos.  

They arranged a sleepover and I was fine with it-- the last time they had a sleepover, they slept great! (sorry pic is sideways-- I am too lazy to switch it). 
 This time, Andy slept on the floor (I think last time he was gone to my mom's house?). 
 Well, at 4, Andy woke up and came to ask me to zip up his sleeping bag.  So I went in there and Andy woke up Cal on accident.  Cal had to pee, so he got up.  Then everyone got tucked back in and I went to bed.  At 4:50, I could hear chatter.  When I went down the hall, Andy had wedged himself into the bed next to Hunter and had woken everyone up.  I put him in his sleeping bag and told him to go to sleep.  At 5:30, there was still chatter.  I was fuming mad- ha.  Cal was sent to his room, Andy was in my room and everyone fell back asleep.  Cal came in at 6:20 to ask to play his iPad--- dear lord, I was ready to throw the iPad out the window. 
Andy's tummy was REALLY really really bad this weekend.  I am getting to the part I mentioned above where I am just over it right now.  He is used to have skid marks-- as a result of his constipation.  But when he was having this weekend was a lot-- a LOT more than skid marks.  And I was having to bend over to clean his a*s several times a day.  And not just wipe...actually really CLEAN.  By noon on Sunday, I was done. 

BUT, it was a beautiful, sunny day and we were heading to flag football! I could have sent the boys with a friend, but instead, I took a blanket and planted myself face down on the field and watched the boys play. 

Here's Andy's team picture- so tough. 

The sunshine worked its magic on me.  That and watching how truly happy my kids are when playing football-- Cal is so in his element out there.  He's not the fastest or the best player by any stretch-- but he is SO happy out there.  He is grinning and having fun and just watching him made my momma heart soar with happiness.  Cheesy? Sure.  But it was clearly what I needed after a poop-filled morning.  

If I had skipped flag football, I would not have rested at home.  I know myself better than that.  I would have done chores around the house- probably stupid stuff like changing sheets on beds...because, you know, that's GREAT for my back! ha! But instead, I laid on a blanket and soaked up the sun and the boys happiness.

We ended the night with choir practice and a bunch of miralax-- because we've got to get this kid cleaned out!

Bruce drove carpool with me this morning-- he can't believe it's Monday either.  

And, this picture makes me laugh-- doing my back stretches, and he can't take it.  See the nose? Sweet boy.  

This week is a doozie-- soccer starts back up, baseball is happening, there is a basketball game for Cal.... and Eddie gets home on Wednesday night! I think I can I think I can I think I can!