Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Lucky St. Patrick's Day!

Last Thursday was St. Patrick's Day and this year it was an extra special day.... CalBoy lost his first tooth!

It all started Wednesday, after soccer.  Eddie was out of town and he has had this fear of Cal losing his tooth without him here-- I don't know why... but I do know that I also had a fear he would lose his tooth while Eddie was gone because I DO NOT DO TEETH.  At all.

We were on the phone with Eddie, who was heading to the airport, when Cal bit into a lollipop... and then screamed a little bit and said "my tooth!!!" He showed me his tooth and there was blood.  I don't mind blood.  But I DO NOT DO TEETH.  We were all screaming and Eddie was on the phone panicked the tooth would come out without him. 

 Hard to tell in above pic, but this was when it was in place-- it was dangling when it wasn't in place.... yuuuuuuuck. 

I tried to get it out (while covering my eyes with one hand).  Andy was distraught.  Yes, Andy.  It wasn't his mouth.  I know.  The more we pulled, the more it bled.  The more it bled, the more Andy screamed.  And he wasn't just screaming.  He was on the floor rolling around HYSTERICAL. 

So let me paint a little picture for you:

The tooth is dangling. I don't do teeth (have I mentioned that?!). I facetimed my dad so he could see the tooth and tell me if I should pull it or just let it be. Andy is on the floor screaming so loudly that I can not hear my dad on the phone...or Cal telling me if it hurt. Then Hank comes over and was trying to kiss on Andy because he gets so upset when Andy cries.  Then Bruce comes over, as I am gripping Cal's tooth in my hand (the other hand is covering my eyes) and Bruce mounts Hank and starts trying to hump him.  It was like a total and complete SH*T SHOW. 

We throw in the towel and decide to just hit the showers.  While Andy is in the shower-- still screaming-- Cal is trying to wiggle it out... with no luck.

Andy goes to bed and Cal and I work on this tooth for a while-- with no luck.  He was nervous to go to bed because he didn't want to swallow it.  I let him get in bed with me and he fell asleep immediately.  Eddie moved him to his bed when he got home- tooth still in tact.

Thursday morning was St. Patrick's Day! Andy decked out in his Fitch Lumber Green and was ready for school.

Eddie got to work on the tooth, and he didn't have any luck either. It wasn't budging... but it was starting to turn grey with no blood going to it... it was literally dangling by a little root.   I texted a friend of mine who is a teacher at Cal's school who LOVES pulling teeth (what is wrong with her?!?!) and told her it was about to fall out.  She said she would pull it at school, no problem. 

She texted me during her planning period saying she saw Cal and the tooth and  he wasn't letting her anywhere near his mouth.  

After school, I dropped Andy at tennis and went to get Cal.  Ms. T came out to see him and tried to pull it again.  Cal refused.  She is a first grade teacher and several of her students came out of her room and all said how many teeth she has pulled of theirs and how it didn't hurt at all.... so then she said "just let me see it" so Cal showed her.....and she told him it was ready to come out.... then she said "I won't pull it, just let me touch it..." so he let her: she reach in, and within a second,she was holding his tooth in her hand.  Cal and I just froze.  Neither one of us could believe she pulled it out! Actually, she just pushed it out. 

He was SO excited it came out-- and I think he looks pretty cute without it!

The tooth fairy came that night-- after realizing there wasn't in cash in any wallets in the house..... the tooth fairy had to go on a little hunt to make it happen!  The tooth fairy also had a few cocktails before this so documenting the snatching had to happen....

Cal is a wild sleeper-- he thrashes all over the place.  So the fairy knew she couldn't leave money under his pillow or it wouldn't be there in the morning.  It was left on the dresser... and Friday morning, Cal came running into our room crying that his tooth was taken, but the tooth fairy forgot to leave anything in return! haha ooops.... I told him to go in a look around a little bit and then he found it.  
And, because I have to document this...

The leprechaun came to Andy's school and was full of mischief.  I was working on this day so I got to witness it all.  Apparently, he turned over a few tables in Andy's class, sprinkled some glitter on the floor and even left his shoe in there.  And it BLEW Andy's MIND.  It was more than he could take.  He had his hands on his head and couldn't eat lunch and could not stop talking about this trouble maker.  I am not exaggerating.  He called my mother in law and after he passed the phone back to me, she said she had never heard him so shocked- haha.  It was like Christmas... but with Santa, he knew what to expect.  He didn't know what to expect with this so he was absolutely positively STUNNED.  And it was hilarious.   Had to put this here to help me remember his excitement!!!