Thursday, April 27, 2017

Life Lately

I haven't done one of these lately and need to get some pics off my phone!  I wrote about the fashion show last week on Monday.  When I had my fitting, we narrowed it down to three and then the final pick-- these were the other two contenders:

 This was the most gorgeous dark navy blue, almost black color.  It was stunning! But that slit was suuuper high on me and when I took a step, you could see my underwear (!!!) and when I stood still, you could see my tennis skirt tan line. While I loved it, I wasn't comfortable walking in it....
 I loved this Grecian dress-- and the back was fab too.  It was super low cut-- big time, but I didn't mind too much-- although when I bent down to adjust my shoe, there was no holding everything together, if you get my drift.

So we went with the third option!

Last week at soccer, it started downpouring in the middle- it wasn't storming, so it wasn't canceled... these boys were thrilled to play soaking wet.  

Bruce just likes to cuddle.  Always.  I got on the floor to read with the boys the other night and Bruce assumed the position before either kiddo could get there.  

Cal was apparently reading a really good book last week-- caught him sneaking in a few pages before school. 
 Andy was.....a beast last week.  And I think calling him a beast puts it mildly.  Bless his sweet heart, the child had not pooped in nine days.  With daily miralax.  He was melting down every afternoon and straight up raging.  Hard hard hard on my momma heart.  I ended most days last week feeling like a failure and a horrible mother.  #keepingitreal But then I would walk in his room at night where he slept so sweetly and peacefully and I would lean down and kiss his face and know that the next day we had a chance to do it all over again.  He doesn't WANT to act so awful-- wouldn't you act awful if you were full of poop? So anyway..... here ya go. Sweetness.... until 6:30am.  I will take it. 

Cal had a field trip last week and didn't get home until after 4.  So Nug and I got a little time together.  We went to Fresh Market to pick up dinner....and some jelly beans.  It is right across from Eddie's office, so we stopped in there to give him a little love.  

 LOVE this last one.

And it's hard to believe when you see this....but a huge meltdown followed this picture.  I was walking Bruce and Andy asked to go with me and help.  Then he reached up and took my hand.  He can be the sweetest little boy in America, I swear.  

He had the urge to go every 4 minutes....but he really wanted to roller blade.  So I carried him in to try to go....blades and all! (he never went.... but we went back and forth about 22 times.... might be why my back is aching this week)

On Friday we had his well visit--- and a chance for me to beg for alternative options for my non-pooping boy.   They checked his eyes....
 .....and his hearing....
 And basically told me to up the miralax.... ugh.  Not what I was wanting to hear and I am not done trying to get to the bottom of this.  Yes, I want a solution, but more so, I would love to know what's causing this.  (updated to add, he has gone every day this week-- praise sweet Jesus....)

This next picture was taken Saturday morning-- after the fashion show Friday night.... quite a change from the previous night! Me and Taylor out on the soccer field.....

Post baseball, we went to Dicks for some new cleats.  Poor Cal went up TWO sizes... it was overdue.  The boys enjoyed the treadmill. 

Nug dressed himself and asked for a selfie with me....with zero make up on.  Yikes.  Also hadn't showered since pre-fashion show.... #lottagrease

Love this child so much!
 They are off! It was raining and cold, but we had to take Bruce out to take care of business.  Andy begged to walk him.  Not sure who is walking who here....

That's a quick look at life lately!