Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Labor Day at the beach

We spend this past weekend at the beach celebrating Labor Day! Eddie's parents and sister Carrie were all down and we had a great time soaking up the last bits of summer. 

There was a little hurricane brewing out to sea and we got lots of rain on Friday and much of Saturday, but it didn't dampen our fun (see what I did there?).

Sunday we woke up and it was gorgeous out-- no humidity and not too hot and just beautiful.  We loaded up the boat and set out for Cape Lookout.  

 The boys enjoying a sprite on the way out of the marina....
 Snuggles all around!
 It took us about an hour to get out to the Cape and it was so worth it! It is really beautiful out there and we had a little private beach and enjoyed every bit of it!
 We tried to take a selfie with the lighthouse, but Cal photobombed us-haha
 You can walk up to the to of the lighthouse-- but you have to have on shoes (strike one), you have to have money (strike two), and you have to be there before they sell the last ticket (strike three).  My in laws tried to take the boys three times and didn't have luck!

 I love this picture! It was such a pretty day-- and that person in the water is my father in law playing ball with the boys-- over to the left. 
 The ride home was bumpy but great. 

Andy fell asleep while sitting up and his little sunglasses kept bouncing off his face as his head bobbed.  He finally put his head in CB's lap and took a nice little snooze.  
 Some sweet friends of ours were at the Cape the same time we were and once we put it together, she sent us this picture of Eddie and Hampton kite surfing out there-- Eddie's is the greenish one and Hampton's is a little more orange. 

 Monday morning, Eddie and I took the dogs on the beach for a big old romp.  I swear, I don't think Hank will be able to walk for a week.  He played SO hard.  He still has so much puppy left in him.  He was grinning ear to ear out there while he ran and swam and chased a tennis ball.  Made my heart happy to see him like this. 
 We all headed over to the beach for some swimming to get out energy before heading home. 
 The boys were riding waves in together and laughing hysterically. 
 And, the afternoon ended with some good throwing into waves.  I love this picture so much!
We don't know when we will be back down to the beach again-- fall is a busy busy time.  It was a great weekend to end the summer on... although I am in denial summer is over.