Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hello, blog.

I haven't blogged since our trip.... whoops.  We are in the last week before school starts and we've been squeezing every last ounce out of this summer. 

This past weekend, Andy had a basically all day birthday party:

They swam, watched a movie, ate dinner and had a dance party-- sounds like a pretty great birthday party to me!

We also had some baseball assessments for the fall team:

They were similar to try outs, but everyone makes the team (thankfully!).  The boys had to hit (balls came off of a pitching machine-- way faster than I was expecting!), catch fly balls, field grounders, run sprints and throw.  It was intense.  I mean, as intense as little league gets, I guess- hahaha! 
They both had a ton of fun and it got them really excited for the season to start.  This fall, they are playing baseball and soccer-- soccer started this week too- I will get pics of that at practice Wednesday. 

This weekend was a birthday party weekend, big time.  Andy had the pool party above on Saturday and then on Sunday, both boys went to a party at the Dean Dome.  They were each given these jerseys.....
 ....and they were personalized! How cool is that?!? The kids were all SO excited to see them when they walked in.

 The were divided into teams and they played ball-
 It was really fun to watch them play! It's been awhile since they have played basketball, but thankfully they remembered what to do. 

 I love this picture! Look at the little brothers just staring at them.  hahaha
 And, as we were walking away (we had to leave a little early to get to TWO other birthday parties!), I caught this picture-- might be a new fave of mine.  They fight all.the.time, but they are some sweet brothers. 

Cal went to a bowling party (Ed dropped off so I have no pictures!) and Andy went to a gymnastic party (which he CONSTANTLY referred to as a ballet party.....).  He had a BLAST and loved running and jumping and flipping and climbing.  
 The only picture I got and it's blurry because he was constantly in movement!

Today, we did some school supply shopping at target (I really should have taken a glass of wine with me) and then we met a bunch of buddies at the pool for a little play date! We had loads of kids at the neighborhood pool and they all had so much fun playing together.

These three are the soon to be kindergarteners.....

You think kindergarten is ready for this?!?!?!

 We have a few more days to soak it all in-- but I really think the kids are pretty ready to go back.  All of the private schools have already gone back for the most part, so they are ready for their turn.  Cal has meet the teacher on Friday.  We are ANXIOUSLY awaiting finding out who his teacher is!