Thursday, May 19, 2016

Life Lately

Soccer is winding down, swim is starting up-- throw in a birthday and getting ready to list a house and you have life lately!

Here are some pics to prove it:

I have the best friends in the business.  When we got home from the beach last weekend and I had a minor panic about the house and wanted to see it one more time, Meredith took Andy and Sally took Cal so that I could go see the house again- this time with no children to heard. Meredith took Andy to plant some flowers and other fun things....

They are nothing but trouble!

Cal does homework every night-- Andy has his letter book he's been working on too.  He calls it his homework.  This is his serious face.  Concentrating so hard!

It was time for bed and Andy burst into tears begging for an apple.  I bought a few HUGE honeycrisp apples from the store and he devoured it during book time.  Cal was reading away and Andy was chomping away.  

I feel like there are a lot of "waves" on social media.  Last week, I swear, I had at least 3 or 4 friends post that they lost a dog.  A close friend of mine had to put hers down and every time we talked about it, I cried.  Not just a little tear up.  But full on sob.  Hank is VERY much a part of our family and the boys love him dearly.  The thought of life without him in it makes me more than sad.  I say this all the time: I will need heavy medication when it is his time.  My friend Sally always knows the best things to say in situations like this, and listening to her comfort our friend by saying all the right things made me so grateful to know she will be by my side when it is Hank's turn.  No pressure, Sall.  

 Every morning, he stands next to me and rests his head on my lap while I eat.  Normally, I have one hand on his head.  He's the best. 

On a brighter note, Andy will be all set should we ever have a leaky roof or rain inside. Cleaning everything out his its perks--  he found this umbrella and carried it around (and sat with it over him) for days.  Safety first.  

perhaps I was overly sentimental about Hank this week- ha! I didn't mean to be, but seeing as I have so many pics of him, maybe I was! ha! I was cleaning out my closet (because it is literally all I do, it feels like) and Hank plopped himself right in the middle (have I expressed my fears of sharing a closet with Eddie....??) and then Cal snuggled right up on him.  

 Two of the sweetest boys I know.  I can not get enough of them!

We went out to eat last week for Sally's birthday.  We kept it small and it was just PERFECT!

The birthday girl was gorgeous, as always:

Virginia and I both showed up in off the shoulder white tops and we decided to have a picture taken together.  We proceeded to take about 93 pictures.  Not kidding.  We couldn't get a decent one and we kept laughing.  Typical. 

 Worst posture ever!

Cal's school has an online program called Lexia-- maybe y'all have it too? It's a reading builder program and every kid has to try to advance levels.  Cal got on one morning before school and Andy wanted to take it in too- so they shared a chair.  My sweet, shirtless boys.  Don't you know I will have countless mornings in my life where they are shirtless in my kitchen.  

My AMAZING mother wanted to host a playdate for Andy (all these people are terrified I am going to completely LOSE it, so they are offering to help with my kids a lot-- and it is wonderful....not losing it...yet!).  So mom picked up these two cuties after school last week and they had a play date.  She said they played kickball, basketball, dodgeball, baseball, etc etc etc... I am pretty sure she was worn out at the end!

They took turns being the referee-- he seems to enjoy the roll.  

Swim team started on Monday! The water was a tad chilly, but it didn't stop these fools! Actually, it did stop nug- hahaha. If you remember last year, he freaked the freak out at the start of swim team.  Cried like crazy and didn't want to do it.  But then really wanted to do and cried like crazy because he wanted to but was scared.... after Mexico, I figured he would be good to go this year.  Nope.  Reverted right back to his freak out ways.  I didn't want his lip service because we all know he can swim just fine. He FINALLY got in and did 2 laps and the team cheer and was done.  But when he was done, he was THRILLED with himself! He took a picture with Lee and when he got in the car he said "I am so proud of myself for swimming like that." I about had to pull the car over.
 Tuesday's practice was MUCH better. It took less effort on my part- and I hid behind a column.  Yes.  I hid so he couldn't see me.  When he started to panic and look for me, one of my wonderful friends would step in and turn him around and have him swim.  He did just about all of the practice with minimal crying.  Oh, and I bribed him with a lacrosse ball, which was his birthday present from the next day-- whatever works. 

Wednesday was darn right cold.  I mean it was in the 60s all day.  But he got there and swam- zero tears.  Maybe there is hope afterall....maybe...

These two did great and never complained one time about being cold! They even swam up with the 7/8s on Wednesday-- and did great!

Jane stood by Andy for most of Tuesday's practice, coaching him to get in the water.  It was extremely cute.  He needed a little cheerleader!

Wednesday was Andy's birthday!!! He had a BIG day and we had a great time celebrating him the whole day.  That post is coming!

We are just trucking along! There is supposed to be a FOR SALE sign in our yard today-- praying like crazy that it sells quickly.  I have been taking a Mr. Clean magic eraser to just about everything.  Not sure our baseboards have ever been so clean.  I am ready for some lookers!