Friday, August 11, 2017

Life Lately

This week has been mega catch- up week! We got home and I have been working like crazy getting stuff accomplished.  It's been errands and to do lists and cleaning out drawers and trips to goodwill.  You know, all the really fun stuff- haha

We have had some fun going on this week.... here is a look at life lately....

Sweet Cal lost his front tooth at the beach, and his second front tooth got knocked by a toothbrush when he was brushing it one night in Turks.  It was already loose, but the toothbrush got to close to ready to come out.  We were SO sick of seeing it wiggle and dangle that we sent him to our neighbor's house-- the one who is the orthodontist who pulled his last one on the beach.  Cal was super scared walking up the front steps. 

 I took a picture thinking I would be documenting the time Cal walked next door to get his tooth pulled.  But nope.  Cal walked inside, the doctor looked at it and said "this is ready to come out today" and then refused to let him pull it.  He screamed and cried.  The sweet sweet neighbor wouldn't go near a screaming kid, so we left, tooth barely hanging on.  Have I mentioned my dislike of wiggly teeth?????

Because of his flat out refusal to lose his tooth, he lost all electronics (such a great mom....) which resulted in a lot of times like this below.... brother wrestling on the couch and Bruce beyond nervous someone would get hurt. 
 In case anyone was wondering about Andy's tummy troubles, they are still here.  In full force.  He didn't "go" once while we were in Turks.  He went the Wednesday before we left and didn't go again until the following in nine days later.  A little bath time eased the tummy pains.  Bruce was SO upset for his boy to be in that much pain. 
 They are super close, these two.  I love it. 

Saturday was Meet The Heels day downtown.  We were working on stuff around the house so we weren't going to go.  Cal got invited to go with the neighbors:
 Andy Andy was having his first real sleep over (not at our house and not at grandma's house!) so he got to go meet the heels with Lee!!!
 Thankfully, Lee's mommy knows I like a lot of pictures of my babies, so she took good care of me! He seems pretty happy to me!

I love this next picture-- getting some autographs from the big boys!

Love!!! Nug came home FREAKING out about them "bringing the number 23 back! Just like Jordan!" I love the whole idea behind it.  Smart thinking, people who think of stuff.....

How cute are these two all snug in bed?!?!?! You think they look happy?? My word! Their smiles could just melt me! And, they BOTH slept all the way through the night.  GO FIGURE.  I asked Meredith if Andy could just move in there.  

Cal and Charlie have been hard at work organizing a football camp in the neighborhood.  They have been going door knocking to recruit people to play.  LOVE this.  

While Andy was at his sleep over Saturday night, we let Cal organize a night for us.  First stop was the driving range (actually, my first stop was the bar, but that's neither here nor there....).
After a little golf, we went to the tennis courts.  We sort of hit with Cal and then we made Cal take a seat so Eddie and I could battle it out.  I won the first set and Eddie won the second.  We decided to stop there to keep a happy marriage.   #wearesmart

On Monday, the boys and I headed to Great Wolf with some GREAT buddies.  The GWL post will be coming up next week (this post is already too long!), BUT I had to mention, on the way there, Cal's tooth FINALLY came out! I am not exaggerating when I say it was dangling.  GAH-ROSS.  

 His toothless grin MELTS me.  He could ask me for a car right now and I would do whatever I could to get him a car- hahaha. 
 That's life lately! Up on the agenda we've got golf which started this week, haircuts which are so necessary, and some back to school shopping for the bozos! And two birthday parties this weekend!



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