Monday, July 10, 2017

Weekend Fun!

Maybe someday, I will be able to blog from my phone and I will do it a whole lot more often. I have so much to post to catch up on life, but lack the time to actually sit down and do it.  Lame, I know. 

We have a CRAZY busy week with CHAMPS being this weekend, starting Friday.  The parent reps are basically working around the clock(ish) to pull this one off.... a huge huge HUGE weight will be lifted from my/our shoulders when this is all over...of course the boys are just excited to swim!

Here is a quick look at our weekend...

We came home from the beach on Thursday.  Eddie stayed to kite surf....I  mean, "clean up" the house a bit.

Friday night, the boys and I had a date to the driving range.  They have been begging to go, so we loaded up the bags and took off!

 Whatever it takes to get them in a collared shirt!

 I didn't take many pictures on the range, but I got a lot of videos-- they had some great shots! (and also they had a LOT of swing as hard as you can until you fall downs......)

 We walked up to the club house for dinner where I got to see a glimpse into the future.... Andy chugging (root) beer while Cal cheers him on. 

 We were sweaty and hot, but oh so happy.  It was actually a really, really fun night!

 Saturday morning this was my view: two passed out boys.
 Ed decided to wash his car-- just another day with our fam in the hood...

Cal had a birthday party (with a gaming truck!) so Andy got some special treatment and mom and dad all to himself! We went to a newly opened restaurant-- Bartaco.  Local people you much try!!! We loved it.  

This was Cal when we picked him up-- totally, completely entranced!

Sunday morning we headed to church! Mom got the boys these adorable shirts from Vineyard Vines.  They are a tad big, but the way these boys are growing, they will be passing them down in no time! Andrea, be ready!

Cal's new smile sans tooth is my favorite.  His smile before was a tad ridiculous because the tooth was just dangling there, so he didn't let himself really smile (I guess for fear it would fall out?? Who knows), so this new smile, I love.  

Sunday night, Bruce and I enjoyed some kisses and Big Brother.... any of y'all watching this season? I am obsessed! As always!!!

Hope you had a great weekend!!! Bring on the craziness that is this week!!!!!


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