Thursday, March 16, 2017

Life lately: wtf, mother nature?

Soooo....the time change is SO not fun.

We were dragging Monday morning around here! A bunch of friends had a delayed start Monday, and I would have paid to have had one of those too.... enough about that though.  Here is a look at life lately!

We are pulling hard for the Tarheels in the tournament....
 Bruce has been getting lots of extra snuggles.  He got an ear infection and was out of sorts this week.  Cal was happy to snuggle him up!

 On Monday, after popup, I did some damage at Costco.... I haven't been in a LONG time and I had some mega stocking up to do.  Bruce has chewed/destroyed his beds and was over due for new ones.  At $25/each, I got two for him- one for upstairs and one for down! My cart was seriously overflowing by the end of the trip. 
 And he was the happiest pup around when I carried them in!!!!
 The weather this week has taken a serious turn for the COLD and RAINY! Last week, it was warm and spring like.  This week it is freeeeeeeezing.  Andy curled up in front of the fire and did some light reading. 

 Bruce preferred to curl up on top of BOTH dog beds.  I swear he was smiling and wouldn't get off of them. 

The boys are in a neighborhood bracket challenge and they were eager to fill theirs out.  It was so cute to listen to them discuss the teams. 

It was cold and rainy, but it didn't stop this kid from shooting hoops.  He didn't even care that he was getting wet-- living that dream, buddy.  

Bruce and I watched the Bachelor Monday night.  He really really loved it when the puppies were brought out..... After the Final Rose was the most awkward and cringe inspiring TV ever.  Not sure I see that couple lasting very long.  At all.  

We had teacher appreciation this week and on Tuesday night, the committee gathered to make a LOT of goodies for our loved staff.  We made some YUMMY puppy chow (it was a huge hit!).

 And then we prepped some nacho cheese.  Let me just say.... I posted (several) videos on instagram stories with this cheese-- we could not stop laughing as it glopped out of the can.  I got an insane amount of comments on there about it! HA! Made me laugh so hard!

Wednesday was early release day.  I got to school at 10:30 to help set up for the teacher's lunch and then when it was all over and we cleaned up (not until 2!), the boys were begging to go to Target to spend some gift cards they had.  They got new pokemon cards and new football cards!

All sports so far this week have been canceled due to weather-- fields too wet at the start of the week and temps too low in the middle of the week....!

We are supposed to have a game tonight- guess we will wait to see if that happens.  I know I will be dressed VERY warmly if we do!

Hope you are having a great week!!!


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